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A warning from Amy Spreeman of Berean Research about the new age emergent heresy-fest that is the Catalyst Conference, run by an organization that bills itself as “A Community of Change Makers”:

Emergent Catalyst Conference spreads a wider web

“The eight-year-strong Catalyst franchise conference aimed at millennials has long pushed a leftist social justice message rather than the Gospel of the Cross. But as we see more and more leadership conferences pushing the message of UNITY, I’ve been noticing of late the premiere Catalyst Conference is spreading a wider net to include Word of Faith and Dominionism (NAR) celebrities. This year’s theme doubles down on unity, with “Uncommon Fellowship.”A couple of links to check if you’re not sure what’s wrong with this picture: Brian Houston, Andy Stanley, Craig Groeschel, Judah Smith.”



Read the rest of the article here and check out the additional links to learn more about the Catalyst conference.

This year’s conference held at the start of October featured many well known emergent speakers, including Hillsong’s Brian Houston, the cult-like 3DM movement founder Mike Breen, and even a Roman Catholic priest. The increasing unity among these false teachers, ostensibly from movements with irreconcilable differences in their teachings, is very concerning.

These conferences act as a sort of ‘Trojan horse’ for spreading the cancer of false teaching to young pastors, church leaders and seminary students, so it is best to be aware of them and to warn others.

Excellent documentary on the roots of the emergent church movement:

The Real Roots of the Emergent Church

Article on the Leadership Network:

Peter Drucker: Leadership Network and the Emergence of the Modern Mega-Church Empire