“The 2016 GLS teaching would leave a discerning saint hungry and thirsty for more healthy, spiritually uncorrupted fare…”

“Hybels claims God gave him the vision for it, but most of its speakers don’t talk much about Him, especially from a biblically orthodox understanding. Hybels’, to use the Christianese, “heart” for the conference seems to be for non-sectarian leadership development, with an added emphasis on the transformational value of active local church congregations…”

“Amid his assured oratory in his introductory session, presenting speakers, pitching for donations to spread the GLS further about the planet than it already is, another session with psychologist Henry Cloud and Hybels’ authoress daughter, Shauna Niequist about “leadership illusions,” and other duties, Mr. Willow Creek’s dubious affiliations and proclivities became apparent:…”

“GLS’ epicenter may be Hybels, but he is not meant to be its sole attraction. Twelve other main speakers filled out two days of teaching. The one best known out of eccelesiastical and business circles would have to be Melinda Gates, wife of Microsoft founder Bill Gates.

… Conveniently left out of the conversation were any mention the couple’s abortion advocacy and their influence on and funding of the Obama administration’s controversial Common Core public education policy, by which Microsoft stands to reap hefty profit via sales of software to school districts. Hybels did ask her to elaborate on her spirituality, though. Gates is inclined toward the Roman Catholicism of her youth, supplemented by the “contemplative” discipline of silence and daily reading of “spiritual” literature (in the same way the Common Core reading list is “educational”?) by candlelight. It appears Gates would find herself at home during Willow Creek’s papist/new age ecumenical nights of spiritual experimentation called The Practice.”

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