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Another important article from Amy Spreeman at the Berean Examiner blog that is worth passing on to anyone who will read it.

I highly recommend Berean Examiner’s articles for current information on the New Apostolic Reformation (NAR) charismatic cult. The NAR is growing rapidly in its worldwide influence, and its false teachings and practices are taking over churches in virtually every denomination.

While the following examples may seem like the fringes of the Charismatic movement, please let me assure you, this is not the fringe. The guests on this show are some of the top apostles and prophets in the NAR movement. Hundreds of millions of people believe this to be Christianity, when it is clearly not – a fact that can be proven by examining its teachings and practices in the light of the Scriptures. The NAR peddles another Jesus, another spirit and another gospel, which cannot save anyone.

A Word about visions, voices, and convulsions

by Amy Spreeman, Berean Examiner

If you are one the millions of Christians who tune in to Sid Roth’s channel on WND or his “It’s Supernatural” program, I’m really glad you are here. You may have searched through Google for information on a number of topics you’ve watched, and ended up finding this article.

You see, I am concerned for you, knowing that each episode challenges audiences around the world to stretch its collective imagination beyond the doctrinal boundaries of Scripture. That’s something God Himself tells us we must not do. (2 Tim. 3:16-17)

Established as a Christian-based interview program, host Sid Roth regularly interviews church celebrities that you may follow as a fan. I will use two examples from this month’s interviews, first with Beni Johnson and then with Heidi Baker. In both of these examples, these women receive visions and hear audible voices which they claim is from God. And they both were sent into uncontrollable convulsions during a particularly disturbing movement called the “Toronto Airport Blessing.

As you watch these clips and hear these women share their experiences, I want to gently challenge you to do something most audience members are not encouraged to do: watch his interviews not with an open mind, but an open Bible.

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