This is worth paying attention to, even if you are not familiar with Matt Chandler. Chandler is one of a particularly dangerous, influential type like John Piper and Francis Chan. These popular teachers/pastors openly associate with and promote the NAR (New Apostolic Reformation) charismatic movement whilst deceiving many sincere Christians into thinking they themselves are very orthodox in their teaching and practices.

There is a lot of information here at The Narrowing Path on the NAR, if you aren’t familiar with it. There are also links to other excellent blog articles. Just search for ‘NAR’ or check out the relevant tabs and links.

Is Not Satire

Matt Chandler is teaching and practicing some things that are concerning to many in the Reformed camp who trace their theological roots into the early Reformation.. Below are seven things you’ll see in the first video.

  1. Says that after a random guy blew on his head the effectiveness of his ministry increased.
  2. He affirms and promotes a testimony from a woman who claims she saw a bright white light in her room and perceived it as an appearance of Jesus
  3. Describes an experience where he asked God for direct revelation and was given an impression of a guy at a Whataburger.
  4. God gave him a mental impression of a sunflower.
  5. Says sign gifts aren’t a thus saith the Lord, but are impressions from God that we speak to people for their consideration.
  6. Teaches that Christians should seek and pursue God’s direct revelations through impressions given to the heart.
  7. Says we…

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