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Another great review from Jamie Rake at The Phantom Tollbooth, this time on the recent Hillsong United movie:

Hillsong: Let Hope Rise

“A vehicle by which to introduce non-Hillsongers (Hillsingers?) to the church’s rampant aberrance” or reasonably riveting viewing? Author Jaime Lee Rake uses this movie release to delve deep into the questionable side of a “worldwide worship” phenomenon and arrives at some incisive conclusions.

Go figure that the first among a litany of prevarications and deceptive impressions given by Hillsong: Let Hope Rise occurs from its first frame.

Before we see any members of Hillsong United, the 12-member (!) band associated with the franchised Australian, ahem, “church” responsible for so much praise & worship sung by evangelical churches nowadays, much less its pastorate, the viewer sees an encouragement to participate along with the movie because it’s intended to be a “cinematic worship experience.”

Read the rest of Jamie’s review here.


Click here for more articles from The Narrowing Path on the charismatic cult of Hillsong. Given their recent open associations and promotion of the charismatic NAR cult, it is clear that Hillsong continues to be a dark force to be reckoned with, and one to warn Christians about.

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