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At the request of a brother in Christ for more information on the Christian doctrine of salvation (and in particular predestination and election), I offer the following resources and pray that they will be informative and encouraging. In particular, the I recommend starting with the first video listed below, featuring a very young Dr Sproul! It sets the tone beautifully for how we are to approach these great doctrines… with reverence, humility and charity.

Reformed Presbyterian

Dr R C Sproul Sr – Teaching video from the Chosen by God series

Full Chosen by God teaching series available to watch free at Ligonier.com

Free eBook: Can I be Sure I am Saved? by Dr R C Sproul Sr

Reformed Baptist

Who Saves Whom? – article by Michael Horton

God’s Purpose According To Election: Paul’s Argument in Romans 9 by Steven M. Baugh (Westminster Theological Seminary)

Chosen in Him – sermon by Alistair Begg

Is the Doctrine of Election Biblical? by Dr John McArthur

Evangelical – Westminster Chapel, UK

Sermon ‘God’s New Humanity’ by Dr Martyn Lloyd-Jones on  Romans 9:10-13

Confessional Lutheran

A Confessional Lutheran perspective on the Doctrine of Election (Issues Etc archive)

Study of the Book of Romans – Pastor Jeremy Rhode, Faith Lutheran Church, CA

Other great resources

Huge selection of free eBooks from Monergism

Dr Martyn Lloyd-Jones – free sermon series:

Book of Romans

Great Biblical Doctrines

Summary PDF of the Doctrine of Salvation by Pastor Gary Gilley, Southern View Chapel

A Warning on ‘New Calvinism’ by Pastor Gary Gilley

Teaching the Word – free theological resources from Dr Paul Elliott

I trust that God will bless you in your study and consideration of these great Biblical truths!